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  • ComputerLinks hits the target

    These days it's possible to sponsor a fair bit if you are an inventive company and so it was perhaps no surprise that a javelin thrower set for the Olympics would be a target for a distributor. You can imagine now the potential for "hitting the... 

  • Bright blue sky appears through the cloud

    Welcome to Reseller Radar, a blog that aims to inform, provoke and raise a wry smile. After more than a decade spent at MicroScope analysing the channel, it is clear that reseller market is at an inflection point. The role of the traditional reseller... 

  • The cloud is putting a smile on the faces of hard drive sellers

    A few years ago in a conversation with a Seagate executive set out a vision of the world that was full of hard drives. Your PC, TV, car and even fridge would all have drives and even more opportunities would emerge. That conversation pre-dated the c...