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Finance and Credit

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  • Even Rambo can't help this time

    Rambo might have helped released trapped US military personnel on the silver screen but Billy MacInnes thinks he would struggle to liberate American IT cash stuck overseas 

  • We need new solutions to ease the credit log jam

    With new figures from the FPB showing that many businesses still can't access credit, Billy MacInnes argues that the time has come for new approaches to lending 

  • Barclays is listening if you have the right business model

    Billy MacInnes applauds Barclays telling the channel it wants to lend but is rather worried about just who would get the thumbs up from the bank 

  • The Big Blue bank

    Billy MacInnes finds that when the banks fail to provide credit vendors have to plug the gap leading IBM to stump up an extra $4bn for global partners 

  • It's not easy to be an SME

    However enthusiastically the government extols the virtues of an economy driven by entrepreneurship and SMEs, the fact remains that it’s not easy being a small company, says Billy MacInnes 

  • Where does HP go from here?

    With more hard times still ahead for HP, Billy MacInnes wonders where the firm's turnaround will come from. 

  • NHS Finance Management isn't the envy of the world

    There were some complaints about the depiction of the NHS in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. Maybe people were upset that the dancers were all dressed up as nurses and patients. 

  • Wandisco shows how flotations can be done

    The tech industry has a mixed track record with flotations. Facebook anyone? But as Nick Booth finds out there are some vendors doing it well 

  • Would you credit it? The banks are given yet another chance to do their job

    The banks have been given another chance to offer credit to cash-strapped SMEs but Billy MacInnes wonders if this will be any better than the other schemes already offered 

  • Credit will have to flow if SME growth ambitions come to fruition

    The question of credit has always been a contentious one in the channel and in recent years so many small firms have despaired of ever getting money they have not even bothered to apply to the banks. But confidence does seem to be returning and the ...