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  • Prepare for changes to consumer rights

    Two new important pieces of consumer rights legislation make specific provision for digital content for the first time 

  • Auto-enrolment for small businesses

    The employer and employee pension relationship is changing, with the government forcing a switch to automatic enrolment 

  • Two nations, one channel? The impact of Scottish independence on IT

    In September Scotland goes to the polls in a referendum to decide its future and that of the UK, Alex Scroxton considers what the prospect of independence could mean for the channel 

  • 2013 review of the year - part two

    In our second part of the look back over last year we hear about the opportunities and dangers that surfaced in 2013 

  • Can UK tech companies crack the Brazilian market?

    Businesses are always being advised to expand into new markets. But what are the practicalities? Nick Booth followed 18 technology start-ups to Rio de Janeiro to witness the challenges 

  • Autumn Statement sticks to government trajectory

    The Autumn Statement was an exercise from the Chancellor is making sure that he stuck to the economic course he has set out on 

  • In-depth: A Budget that sticks to the government course

    Delivering his third Budget, earlier this week, the Chancellor of the Exchequer stated: 'We must stick to the course. So there will be no deficit funded giveaways today', writes Jeff Webber. He presented a Budget that is 'fiscally neutral over the fi... 

  • In-depth: Potential personal exposure of directors

    The recent case at the end of 2011 involving Langreen Limited (in Liquidation) revisits the question of the potential personal exposure of directors if their company fails financially. For once, directors have been offered some comfort,writes Paul Ta... 

  • In-depth: A Statement sticking to plan A

    The Chancellor delivered the 2011 Autumn Statement on 29 November. In the Statement he has kept to the course on which he set out last year, with no adjustment to current overall spending and borrowing, writes Jeff Webber. The Statement focuses main... 

  • In-depth: Keeping an eye on energy bills

    With the winter nights drawing in there is another drain on energy with lights, heaters and numerous brewed up hot drinks all adding to the demand on electricity. In just a short period of time, the world has become utterly dependent on technology. O...