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Network Infrastructure Solutions and Services

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  • Guess who's fiddling the broadband statistics

    BT has today reported that fifteen million homes and SMEs are accessing broadband over its network, saying that from a base of 200,000 connections in 2002, it has now added an impressive 14.8 million connections in eight years, or 5,000 new connectio... 

  • Cisco and Skype are made for each other

    I want you to imagine, if you will, the technology news cycle as something a little bit like the Large Hadron Collider, with beams not of protons, but of rumours and hearsay being constantly fired around it. 

  • Adam and Jane? More like a damn pain

    I felt a sense of smug satisfaction on hearing that a particularly irksome installment of BT's increasingly tedious 'Adam and Jane' broadband commercial series had been banned by the ASA. 

  • Turkey, Russia top Internet risk charts

    If you've a business trip to Turkey or Russia on the cards, then you might want to think about leaving your laptop at home, say the antivirus bods at Internet security outfit AVG, who have just released a new report detailing some of the most dangero... 

  • Happy birthday, Brocade

    Brocade is cracking open the bubbly this week to celebrate the day, 15 years ago, when it first drew breath in a small storefront with a cardboard box serving as a conference table. And we at MicroScopethought it was high time to embarrass the teenag... 

  • HP romps with Palm and Microsoft

    HP is apparently entertaining the possibility of a three-in-a-bed romp with both Palm's and Microsoft's developers. 

  • The Virgin Media saga, part two

    Well, two days in and I'm starting to think this dog food might be out of date. 

  • Google wants your unified comms business

    If you're selling unified comms and collaboration, it's time to accept Google is a competitor and up your game accordingly. 

  • Time to eat my own dog food

    I once spoke to a particularlyenthusiastic marketing guy at awireless vendor who was very keen to stress that he was using his own technology in the office to demonstrate to resellers exactly why they should sell his product. He used what I thought a... 

  • Bored campers log on to wi-fi

    Look, I can't even leave home to go get the Sunday papers without taking my phone with me, so what hope do any of us have for a week under canvas? You might as well give in