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  • Somewhere over the Verizon

    Heard the Verizon story about the man who outsourced his job? Sounds a bit cheesy... Nick Booth investigates 

  • The datacentre combover

    Are you recruiting a datacentre manager? You can tell a lot about them by their hairstyle, says Nick Booth 

  • Keep taking the tablets: mobile dumbness isn't terminal

    New research suggests that tablets make our IQs lower. What a brilliant idea – there's no better way to keep the workers down than an electronic cosh, says Nick Booth 

  • VARS called to the bar could be putting on the writs

    Lawyers, like meerkats, are ruthless, territorial and will readily eat their young to preserve their status. Now a new service, Compare Legal Costs, could make them less intimidating 

  • Top trends in IT training

    Mike Meyers, president at Total Seminars, shares his thoughts on some of the technological challenges facing the world of IT training 

  • Entatech goes back to the 80s

    Nick Booth hops in his time machine and remembers a decade when the IT industry seemed somehow simpler 

  • Has enterprise social networking grown up?

    Don't LOL, but analysts say that social networking makes companies more efficient. Nick Booth investigates 

  • Lack of imagination STEMs any enthusiasm for science

    There's a massive shortage of UK children studying the core STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects; not great news for our industry, says Nick Booth 

  • The hunt is on for Team GB's IT stars

    After Team GB’s success at the London 2012 Olympics, David Cameron and Boris Johnson have called for more compulsory sport in British schools. But what about compulsory competitive IT? 

  • The case of BYOD versus CIO

    If you love court room dramas, the trend for bringing your own device through the company firewall offers rich potential, says Nick Booth.