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  • Lack of imagination STEMs any enthusiasm for science

    There's a massive shortage of UK children studying the core STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects; not great news for our industry, says Nick Booth 

  • The hunt is on for Team GB's IT stars

    After Team GB’s success at the London 2012 Olympics, David Cameron and Boris Johnson have called for more compulsory sport in British schools. But what about compulsory competitive IT? 

  • The case of BYOD versus CIO

    If you love court room dramas, the trend for bringing your own device through the company firewall offers rich potential, says Nick Booth. 

  • When rubbish execution spoils brilliant systems

    Nick Booth paid a visit to the Samsung stand at the Olympic Park in London to test-drive the latest mobile wizardry. 

  • Is the skills shortage the IT industry’s own fault?

    If the channel put more effort into training staff rather than looking for the finished article would the skills crisis in the IT world be as bad as it is now? 

  • So how did you spend your Sunday?

    Second blog post from Epson about the team of riders that undertook the London to Brighton bike ride. 

  • The downside of a long weekend off

    The looming jubille weekend might get many excited but for businesses there is inevitably lost revenue to worry about. There will be surveys that put some horrendous figures to it but you can guarantee that millions will be lost to the UK economy an... 

  • Column: Thwarting the time thieves

    Thieves are operating in the IT industry, stealing the most precious asset in existence - your time. Many of them work in various forms of marketing. Some public relations companies are known to waste time. It's not their fault, they probably assume ... 

  • Column: Business meetings can reduce intelligence

    Finally, a piece of research I find all too believable. According to a study by Virginia Tech's Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute, business meetings can diminish intelligence. Well, there's a surprise, writes Billy MacInnes. In my c... 

  • Keeping the efficient efficient

    Mike Heumann, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at virtualised input/output specialists NextIO, considers where the surge in server virtualisation leaves data centre managers (DCMs) and how they can address the challenges created...