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  • Oracle victorious in grey trading legal battle

    The Supreme Court has ruled that Oracle has the right to be first to market Sun server hardware in the European Economic Area before third-party remarketers, overturning a previous judgment in favour of UK-based importer M-Tech. 

  • Oracle software sales rise and cloud shows growth

    Oracle releases fourth quarter numbers early to show the business is growing in the software and cloud areas 

  • Dell to channel: resistance is futile

    Michael Dell has said that Dell's portfolio has grown so broad that there is now "not a question" of whether or not resellers are going to have a relationship with it but "a question of when and how". 

  • Not everything is virtual at VMworld

    As more than one observer has already remarked, this year's VMworld Europe event in Copenhagen was occasionally like a conference in reverse. This was most obviously manifested in the fact that the keynote from VMware CEO Paul Maritz was delivered on... 

  • Oracle OpenWorld not so open to CEO

    Doesn't look like Oracle's OpenWorld event in San Francisco is all that open after all. What else are we to think of the bizarre story that CEO Mark Benioff has had his keynote speech, due to be presented at the event today (5 October)... 

  • Yah boo sucks, that's enough Oracle and Autonomy!

    I love a good spat as much as the next person but am I alone in thinking there is something incredibly childish in the current very public row between Oracle and Autonomy? It's pretty unseemly for one company to accuse the CEO at another of havin... 

  • If HP wants to be the new IBM, does Google want to be the new Apple?

    So I go away for two weeks and all hell breaks loose. First, Google decides to buy Motorola's mobile phone operation, then HP says it's getting out of the PC business and discontinuing WebOS products. Now, the Google thing makes sense, kind of, if yo... 

  • Google spurned offer to join Microsoft and Apple in bid for "bogus patents"

    To many people out there, the name Brad Smith might not be too familiar. He'sMicrosoft's general counsel and most of the time anyone would have come across his name in the past would probably have been in defending the software giant against anti-mon... 

  • Jargon buster is a good idea but it misses the real target

    Earlier in the week, IT support company Barton Technology released a "jargon buster" designed to help small businesses and SMEs decipher some of the jargon in hardware, networking, software and licensing, backup, server applications and sec... 

  • Cloud computing is a lot of hot air (and it can heat your house)

    There's an intriguing paper published by Microsoft in which the authors argue that it could be possible to send servers used in cloud computing data centres to houses and office buildings and use them as a primary heat source. The Data Furnace: H...