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  • Burnside Telecom gives companies a lift while cutting their costs

    What's the worst thing about working as a lift operator? Obsolete jobs skills? Yes, that's a good one. Anyone else? Hearing the same joke, over and over again. ("Hur hur, this job's got it's ups and downs," the passengers will say, smirking... 

  • Burnside hybrid mobiles are easy to use, but hard to lose

    Computer Weekly has an interesting piece about Tesco equipping 1,000 stores with mobile phones that look like desk phones. These fixed mobile hybrids are handy because they're mobile without being stealable, convenient without being massively expens... 

  • Gamma wants to build castles in the air

    Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it, so the saying goes. So Gamma CEO Bob Falconer has abandoned his catapult and is taking far more sophisticated weapons with him on his next crusade. Gamma Telecom isconducting a castle ...