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  • Whitman, Rometty and Emma Watson prove women have come a long way in IT

    For many years, the IT industry was notorious for being a male-dominated business but as Billy MacInnes discovers women are making it big in quite a few areas 

  • Dedicated followers of fashion

    It’s hard for a CIO to say no to users who’ve been whipped into a frenzy by the style magazines. When all the other CEOs got iPad 3s for Christmas, how do you explain why they can't have one? 

  • Banks won't help us; we need a security superhero!

    Old fashioned bank robbery, according to a recent study by the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association, brings very little return on investment. 

  • Want it straight, then go to the top

    Sitting down with a senior management figure at a vendor is always an interesting experience. They take your questions and respond directly and with a complete absence of waffle. Presumably media trained up to the hilt, the president will take a que... 

  • Is compliance hype a problem the channel can solve?

    One of the most challenging things about making sure a network or a business is secure is not just about products and resellers would be wise to include the people element in their conversations. Sitting in on a panel session at a conference this mo... 

  • Think security as computer equipment becomes criminal target

    If you are unlucky enough to have a break-in then prepare yourself for the disappearance of your tablet, laptop, smart phone and ipod. 

  • The channel's love of two wheels is spreading

    The more conversations I have with channel bods the more cyclists come out of the woodwork. It really does seem to be the sport of choice for those trying to keep trim while avoiding the demands of team sport schedules. As a fan of two wheels - as a... 

  • How HulloMail could have prevented phone hacking

    Our reader has contacted us about our phone hacking story... It seems there is a better way to confound Piers Morgan and his like from hacking into your mobile messages. (I used Spinvox but, when someone in power found out I liked it, they promptly c... 

  • Nine out of ten city CIOs on course for prosecution by FSA

    Over 90 per cent of city firms could face prosecution in November for failing to comply with new FSA regulations on call recording, according to one study. With November's deadline for meeting the Financial Services Authority's new rules on call... 

  • How the channel can help the NHS stop leaking our data and money - Safestick Review

    Why does the NHS constantly lose our personal data? Is it corruption? Is it because nobody cares? Bad management? Safestick, a secure USB, could be the answer to our problems. It's a simple device, aimed at simpletons who are prone toheft and loss. R...