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  • Real people in the age of the cyberwar

    The most unusual thing about the spy row that has broken out between the US and Russia is not so much the fact that despite the end of the Cold War these things continue to happen but the methods being used. In a way it's refreshing to find out that... 

  • Want to know what's happening? Dump the cynicism.

    There are naturally those that look at Twitter with a great deal of cynicism and you can spot them because they roll their eyes and sigh when ever the subject comes up. "It's full of people saying that are having a cup of coffee or are washing ... 

  • Make it special

    Through the recession there wasn't a great deal that you could do to make life better so one of the subjects that vendor's liked to talk about a lot was 'skilling-up'. The idea was that although there might not be too much money around the sensible w...